Philips Xitanium full programmable drivers are designed for maximum flexibility and offer a wide range of well-known features such as the 5-step DynaDimmer, CLO, MTP, DALI, and AmpDim (note: LineSwitch is not included in this driver). Next to configuring of the drivers via DALI, the configuration has never been easier due to the integrated SimpleSet® feature, a fast and wireless way to change and read-out settings without mains connection. A preferred choice for many outdoor and industrial applications! This driver is a new (high) Wattage addition to the existing range of full programmable compact drivers, and features a dual channel current range from 2x 0.2-0.7A (total range 0.4-1.5A). Moreover, this driver is protected against high surges (10kV CM / 6 kV DM) – multiple pulses. With a new software feature called Driver Temperature Limit (DTL), there is a possibility to optimize driver survival rates in case required in the application. See the latest DIG for more information.
12NC: 929001408306
EOC: 871869677517200
Approximate delivery date: 2020-09-30
Product sample price: